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Roztoč association – a carousel of tradition and arts

The Roztoč association contributes to a development and promotion of cultural life in the Roztoky town and its vicinity. By the means of creativity, community cohesion and by promoting cultural activities it strives to enrich the life quality in its neighbourhood.

Important notice

We are not able to translate to English all the activities and events we do. It is simply too much work. Anyway, if you want to join any our activities, you are most welcome. Please, don’t be afraid to contact us on e-mail or phone or even just to pop in the office when you are passing by. We do speak English and some of us French. We will be happy to introduce you the work we do in courses, events and projects and we will love to find a way you can join us.

Courses and tutorials

A main body of association´s activities lies in a wide range of regular courses and tutorials catering for all age groups and is open to anybody regardless of her/his talent or skills:

The above are attended by more than 300 participating members.


Workshops provide children and adults alike with an opportunity to get together over various creative activities.

Evening and/or weekend workshops offer a chance to learn various art and craft techniques and skills (pottery, tessellation, linocut etc.).

Workshop themes corresponding with various seasonal folk festivals and/or running whole-year projects.

Folk festivals

Open to a general public, seasonal folk festivals rooted in the local culture, has gradually grown (by yearly recurrence) into a vital local tradition upheld throughout the town´s neighbourhood.

A preparatory all-hands-on activities joined by members of local community precede every festival.

The biggest of all (and also the best known far beyond the Roztoky city limits) is the annual Mardi Grass festival. Its very authentic, down-to-earth spirit and rich program makes it the biggest cultural event of the year attended by more than 2000 people.

Among the other annually held festivals are The end-of-the-school-year Garden partyThe Festival of lightsSpring and Harvest fairesThe Crib or Nativity festival, Christmas concert etc.

Cultural events

The Roztoč association holds a number of concerts, theatre plays, dance shows and movie nights performed by professional art groups, artists and members of association´s groups and classes.

Art companies

Several art groups are associated with the Roztoč association:

  • Mix trix – A troupe of young jugglers
  • Blabuburo – An afro-beat, all-drum band
  • Tichý jelen (aka The silent dear) – An “Independent theatrical company of marionettes, jest and music”
  • Local Vocal – a quire/“sacred music lay fraternity” specializing in and promoting medieval liturgical music.



Roztoč association

Roztoč association is a voluntary basis civic association/interest group of children and adults.

Established in Roztoky in 1997 it has gradually spread its activities to neighbouring villages of Únětice and Libčice.

Roztoč association appeals to more than 4000 people every year.

Roztoč association is recognized and awarded with an “Acknowledged child/youth focused organization of 2011–2015” title by the Ministry of education and sports.

Roztoč association has successfully carried out many long-term projects focused on promoting and developing local culture in our region and has also executed several minority integration programs.

Roztoč association has successfully presented its activities in Japan, Finland, Reunion, France and Hungary.

“The Roztoč donor and volunteer club” unites all who appreciate activities and projects provided by our association and are willing to support us in our endeavours.

The Roztoč association is a member of Czech Council of Children and Youth.


Workshops and tutorials are held on those premises:

  • Handicraft arts Studio and information office, Havlíčkova str. 713, Roztoky
  • Roztoč studio Roztoky, 1st floor of Elementary school Roztoky play group ward 17. listopadu str., Roztoky
  • Roztoč studio Únětice, Kindergarden house, 1st floor, Únětice


Sdružení Roztoč; Čechova 564, 252 63 Roztoky

tel.: 775 889 940, 775 889 941, 220 514 572

e-mail: roztoc@roztoc.cz

IČO: 26606551